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Better conversations, better careers, better lives
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For the organisation

Despite a shift in CEO focus from growth to culture change, cultural trust is at an all-time low. The ever-changing nature of workplace dynamics and communication requires simple, powerful, intelligent analytics to engage, retain and develop talented people.

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For leaders and HR

Performance management as we know it is broken. A tick box approach has brought little return on investment. Today’s operators need to know their teams are performing, regular conversations are happening, and that people have a tool to drive their careers.

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For your people

Ambitious, capable people want on-demand feedback, the ability to progress and an understanding of how they fit into the overall purpose of their organisation. Knowing they’re valued and the organisation cares about their wellbeing is key.

Individualised career conversations

[ko-re-ro] noun
(Origin: Māori) a conversation, discussion, or meeting.

At the heart of Korero is the knowledge that each person is on their own unique career journey, it’s the role of the organisation to support progression from the moment people join to the time they may choose to move on. Korero ensures people have the right performance, development and career conversations with the right people at the right time.

Character demonstrating how Korero can help people drive their careers
Character demonstrating how Korero ROI

Using Korero will result in:

  • Increased employee engagement, boosting productivity, creativity and morale
  • Improved communication leading to greater collaboration and a healthier team dynamic
  • Reduced labour turnover and associated cost savings with less business disruption
  • Growth of talent from within to save on recruitment and onboarding costs
  • Improved reputation as a great place to work, helping you attract the best people

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